The Role of Conflict-Sensitive Media in Peacebuilding: Policy briefing paperwork

Ethiopian Research /MIRH/06 February 2023

By Teshager Shiferaw (PhD)

Ethiopian National Media Support (ENMS) commissioned this policy briefing paperwork, which was conducted by Teshager Shiferaw (Ph.D.) and presented at the national dialogue on the role of conflict-sensitive media in Ethiopia held on February 21, 2023, at the Azzeman Hotel.

The discussion paper provided an analytical description of the current state of conflict conditions in Ethiopia, the most recent peace agreement, and its implications for the role of the media, journalists, and their associations in promoting sustainable peace in a complex post-conflict setting. The importance of tasks such as promoting mutual understanding, rehabilitating IDPs, treating victims of trauma from violence, and rebuilding social and economic infrastructures is addressed. The paper investigates the issues that confront the media and highlights the issues that must be addressed in order to capacitate them and bring all stakeholders together in a coordinated effort under strong networks through dialogue and concerted action.

We have also translated the policy briefing paperwork from English into the Afan Oromo language.

You can read the full paperwork below attached.

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