The ethnification of the Ethiopian media


Ethiopian / MIRH/17 JAN 2022

by Terje Skjerdal and Mulatu Alemayehu Moges

This research study consists of two main parts: an analysis of the media environment and an analysis of media content. Both parts predominantly make use of qualitative research methodologies.

The analysis of the media environment is based on observations plus interviews with key actors in the local media. Approximate 20 of the informants agreed to be named in this report, and are listed on page 15. A few
more informants from different parts of the media sector (federal, regional and private) were interviewed on condition of anonymity. Those who appear with names are identified in the discussion only in cases where it has been explicitly agreed that they will be quoted. For the most part, the information
in the report is not attributed to a specific person. This is to secure openness in the interview situation and to underline that the interpretation of the research data is entirely the responsibility of the researchers.


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