RNTC Media Training Centre is offering new Nuffice scholarship opportunities

Scholarships & Fellowships/ MIRH/ 23 August 2022

By RNTC Media Training Centre

Start submitting your application.

Ethiopia is one of the eligible countries.


Media Campaigns for Social Change and Advocacy – starts 27 February 2023

Developing traditional and online campaigns that inspire change and amplify advocacy efforts.

Digital Media Creation – starts 27 February 2023

Developing engaging multimedia content for broadcast and the web.

Digital Media to Counter Disinformation and Hate Speech – starts 5 June 2023

Providing practical tools to combat disinformation, counter hate speech and polarisation online, and increase outreach in media. and increase outreach in media.

Data and Investigative Journalism – starts 5 June 2023

Delivering powerful stories that have an impact on society, with the sole objective of exposing the truth.

Deadline for application: 11 October 2022

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