Legal Document

Media Proclamation

Legal Document/ MIRH/ 13 DEC 2021

In this Proclamation unless the context requires otherwise:

  1. “Media” means, excluding books, social media, blogs, and photos, images and cartoons that are not part of a periodical, news agencies and all organs established to provide news or programs or news and programs to the public via periodicals, broadcasting service, and online media;
  2. “Periodical” means printed material which is scheduled to appear in regular intervals of at least twice a year, has a fixed title, is aimed at the entire public or a section thereof and includes newspapers and magazines;
  3. “Broadcasting service” means the transmission of images or sound or both images and sound, to inform, educate or entertain the general public or sections of the public who have equipment appropriate for receiving these services; whether the delivery is through terrestrial transmitters, radio frequency spectrum, cable, satellite, or a combination of these, whether by subscription to such a service or not, through radio and/or television broadcast receivers; but does not include a service which provides no more than data or text, with or without associated still images; or communications internal to a private organization or a government body;
  4. “Online media” means an internet-based information dissemination service by an organization whose principal business involves the collection, production, processing and dissemination of news or programs or news and programs, through online images, audio, video and websites or through a combination of the aforementioned means, in accordance with the editorial responsibility of a media service provider;

Frequency: 2 issues per year

Launched: April 5, 2021

Open access: yes

Languages: English, Amharic

Genres: Research article, Legal document

Publisher: Federal Negarit Gazeta

Venue of publication: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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