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Implementation Framework for Voter Registration in Special Constituencies

Legal documents / MIRH/ 10 October 2022

By: National Election Board of Ethiopian

In addition to its mandate to conduct elections in regular constituencies the National Election Board of Ethiopia has the legal responsibility to administer election in special constituencies. As the main reason for organizing these special constituencies is to ensure representation of minority nationalities in the Federal and Regional governments those who are eligible to vote in these special constituencies would be residents of these special constituencies. However, there are instances where it may be difficult to ascertain eligibility particularly the ethnic identity of the voter of a special constituency. An appropriate framework dealing with procedures for ascertaining membership of a minority nationality as well as the manner in which objections to eligibility could be entertained should be designed and consistently applied. This will have a significant role in ensuring the fairness and credibility of elections in special constituencies.

The main purpose of this directive is to determine the procedures for ascertaining voter’s membership of a minority nationality and entertaining objections against claims of membership of that nationality.



Implementation Framework for Voter Registration in Special Constituencies

Directive on Allocation; Distribution; Use; Handover and Disposal of Election Materials and Documents No. 8/2021

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