Legal Document

Advertisment Proclamation

Legal Document/ MIRH/ 13 DEC 2021

Misleading or Unfair Advertisement The following advertisements shall be deemed to be as having misleading or unfair content or presentation:

  1. advertisement that gives false information about the country or place of origin, date of production, nature, ingredients, weight, volume, use or acceptance by consumers of a product;
  2. advertisement that gives false information about the price of goods or services including tax and other lawful fees or about obtaining copy right or patent right, quality and standard certification or prize from a recognized body or other related information;
  3. advertisement presenting a product or a service beyond its real usage, quality, flavor, taste, ingredient, strength, durability or sufficiency;
  4. advertisement promoting a product the expiry date of which is approaching or has already lapsed;
  5. advertisement promoting a milk powder or similar meal as preferable or equivalent to breast feeding for children under the age of six months;
  6. issue broadcasting license; ensure diversity and plurality in the utilization, ownership, production or distribution of broadcasting services; and,
  7. facilitate a regular discussion forum for stakeholder consultation; establish and strengthen a good working relationship between the media and the government.

Frequency: 2 issues per year

Launched: December 4, 2008

Open access: yes

Languages: English, Amharic

Genres: Research article, Legal document

Publisher: Federal Negarit Gazeta

Venue of publication: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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