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Addis Zeybe

New media profile / MIRH/ 17 October 2022

By: Mekdes Demss

Established in 2018, Seba Dereja Media and Communications PLC is an online Ethiopian media outlet whose goal is enriching the journalistic tradition of Ethiopia through truly independent and fair news. Addis Zeybe is one platform of the PLC.

Addis Zeybe is a digital news outlet focusing on urbanization and professionalism. It is where audiences get daily news, expert opinions, entertainment and lifestyle updates from Ethiopia and beyond. It operates an online platform that discusses a wide range of topics related to urban spaces including politics, economy, culture, technology, health and more. It produces news articles, fact-checks, in-depth reports and video.

Addis Zeybe is contributing to the creation of a new media culture in Ethiopia. It is culturally sensitive, specific and independent, providing reliable news in both English and Amharic that enlightens, entertains and inspires change.

Having 21 employees, Addis Zeybe addresses its viewers through different social media outlets like Facebook, you tube and twitter additional to its website


Addis Zeybe wants to give a platform to stories from across Ethiopia which focuses on the country’s urban areas. Subjects include Ethiopian politics, economics, cultural and social discussions.



Phone number: +251 95 490 3850


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