A Rapid Assessment on Post-Election Media Environment in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Research / MIRH/ 08 July 2022

By Abdissa Zerai (Ph.D.)

Ethiopia conducted its sixth national election on June 21, 2021 in the midst of enormous political, security, economic, and geopolitical challenges; and the election culminated with a sweeping victory by the Prosperity Party. As it is often stressed, the mass media plays a pivotal role in making the exercise of freedom of expression and information a reality. Informing the public and acting as a watchdog are the two aspects of the media that constitute the democratic role of the media.

This paper assess how the Ethiopian media, particularly the mainstream media, has fared in its engagement with the electoral process, which encompasses the preelection, election, and post-election periods.


Read more:- IMS-02536_Post election media assessment paper Ethiopia

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